Released on 31 July 2011
Historical Paintings of Srirangapatna-A stylistic Study
Author: Dr. Veena Shekar

The 18th century was an eventful one in the history of Karnataka.  Several battles were fought for supremacy and power. This consequentially brought a change in the thematic rendering in the art of painting in Karnataka.  Historic subjects as a result were commissioned for propagating the victories and achievements of the ruler.  Introduction of Western concepts, new trends of art and new tools opened up novel theories in the Indian art scene forcing a deviation.  The specific objectives of the study for the present book have been to trace the development of Historical paintings in India and study the social, cultural, political and artistic background of 18th century. A detail exploration of the paintings of Daria Daulat Bagh in Srirangapatna is undertaken and the development of style and influences on the paintings clearly explored.

The book is an effort, unbiased, in understanding the life, predilection, and contacts cultivated by Tipu Sultan during his tenure as a ruler and his interest in portraying a historical event through the medium of painting. As a result, due to a thorough inspection  of the paintings made by this  study we get a clue of his  artistic frame of mind, his interests  political or personal and his contacts  with other countries and his relations  with his contemporaries.

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