Pleasures of the palate in Indian miniatures

Show curated by Dr. Veena Shekar

Lord Rama and his brothers dining on thalis of gold. Pahari, 18th century
Dara Shikah indulging in pleasures of the palate, Mughal, 17th century
Chappan Bhog. Jaipur, 19th century
The feast in progress. Mewar, 18th century
Babur enjoying a repast at Herat, from the Baburnama. Mughal, 16th century
A lady offering pan to her lord. Kangra, 18th century
Jehangir enjoying wine and song. Mughal, 17th century
The cowherd boys at a picnic with Lord Krishna, from the Bhagavata Purana. Kangra, 18th century.
Preparing a royal repast for Babur, from the Baburnama, Mughal 16th century
A lady serving her lord, Pahari, 18th century

The lords Krishna and Balarama dining in a tent while camping outside Mathura, from the Bhavata Purana. Kangra, 18th century.

Pan Seva, Radha ofering pan to Lord Krishna, Kishangarh, 18th Century
Courtsey ITC, Pleasures of the palate 1998.        
Paintings reproduced from National Museum, New Delhi         
All photographs are the sole property of Dr. Veena Shekar

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