Aliens by Net Entertainment is an online video slot based on the 1986 smash film hit by the same name.  The film features the commercial space ship Nostromo, which is on course a return trip to earth.  A crew of seven is on board during the trip, and in stasis.  The ship’s electronic computer named Mother, detects a distress signal and wakes the crew to assist.  The crew discovers that the signal is coming from a nearby alien ship, and the signal turns out to be a warning instead of a distress signal.  The alien eventually boards the Nostromo, and the crew have a field day trying to ward off various dangerous situations.

The story line may be quite simple and predictable in hind-sight, but it is considered to be the forerunner to modern day science fiction films.  In 1986 it was a pioneer for greater things to come.  The film has since acquired cult status and has a very large fan base the world over.

Aliens slot features impressive 3D graphics and the casino game is played on 5 reels and 15 paylines.  Aliens can be played for real money or for free and the game is compatible will all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.  Aliens can also be played on a mobile device, as it is also compatible with systems running on the Android operating system.

3D Graphics, Game Interface and Sound Effects

The symbols are drawn in a highly detailed style.  This certainly adds to the entertainment value in a very big way.

Payout instructions are clearly indicated on the game’s paytable, and like in some Android slots AU, it’s easy to differentiate between the different symbols.  This is especially crucial in a high detailed 3D game, and even more so in Aliens, as there are more than 10 standard reel symbols.  Space on a paytable can become an issue in a case like this, but the developers have managed to sidestep the space issue and they have ensured a proper layout.

Aliens Online Slot Interface

The game can be played by making use of the Autoplay function, during which a specified number of spins can be pre-selected to spin automatically.  It’s of course a whole lot more fun to be interactively involved.  Playing in manual mode still tops it all.

The sound can be turned off when required.  The sounds remind strongly of the film on which the game is based.  This lends a certain authenticity to the game; a feel of cinematic quality.

Aliens Slot Symbols

Symbols include, true to the film, a selection of unhatched eggs, and various aliens and monsters.  The higher value paying symbols seem to have a rectangular shape, and the lower value symbols are circular shaped.

The Wild symbol of the Alien slot is a Weyland – Yutani Corp symbol.  The wild symbol will substitute in order to replace all other symbols to ensure a matching and winning combination.  What’s more, the wild symbol will ensure that the highest possible winning score is tallied when morphing into other symbols.