Live table gaming is one of the most exciting developments in online Casino gaming. With an internet connection and a membership of an online casino, players can play table games with a live dealer present. These dealers appear on screen via a video chat connection. This is a great service that makes gaming a little more social and a lot more fun. One of the Leaders in online live dealers is Evolution Gaming.  They built a new live dealer studio in Malta in the first quarter of 2014. This live dealer studio has booths set up with cards, changeable tables and a webcam where a variety of games can be dealt with a dealer in the booth.

Solving The International Language Barrier

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to this concept is of course the language barrier. With many players from many countries make use of online gaming, catering to every player’s native language can be a nightmare. This was the driving force behind Evolution Gaming’s decision to build this facility. They have already employed dealers who can speak a variety of languages in order to cater to specific, language themed tables for native speakers from all backgrounds. Evolution Gaming is planning to incorporate even more integration with their key partners and others. This will be achieved via branding of their booths in order to create an even more immersive environment for players and to give the dealer’s on camera booth space, a more professional feel. Evolution Games has already made inroads into this international dealer concept with its London Roulette, Venetia Roulette and Svensk Roulette live tables that have proven very popular with the online community

The Growing Demand For Live Tables Online

A press conference was held with the opening of the Malta live dealer facility where the press were address by Evolution gaming’s Chief Operating Officer Svante Liljevall. He stated that the new live dealer facility was essential in dealing with the increased demand from Evolution Gaming customers and stakeholders. Svante went on to say that this second facility in conjunction with their original facility, the Casino Rincon de Pepe in Murcia will assist with disaster recovery as well as business continuity and the Evolution Gaming security services used by many of the company’s licensees. Svante Liljevall went on to further explain the need for their new live dealer facility in Malta by commenting on their already dominating live dealer footprint in Europe and their need to ensure that this expansion is focused on excellence and filling a much needed service to the global audience of the online betting community.

The Continuous Growth Of Evolution Gaming

Commenting on the expansion, Svante Liljevall said that Evolution gaming is already operating Europe’s largest 24 hour live dealer facility , with the company already operating 110 live tables via online streaming. He said that this new facility will only further reinforce the company’s advantages position in this growing market and add extra capacity for future expansion. He further states that the new facility had an ideal location to serve as an attractive proposition for licences as well as the professional dealers the company recruits from all over the world.