Australians have hundreds of options where online gambling is concerned. But, which are the best online casinos currently available for Australians? The answer is not simple, since multiple factors are involved, and not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some areas to consider are; games available, accessibility, user-friendly controls, and platforms offered.

Games Available

Although most online casinos try and offer every possible game, it is the unique variations in game rules that set these options apart. Many online casinos tweak the rules in a way that is exclusive to that particular establishment, giving it an edge over competitors, at least where that game is concerned. But, if you prefer classic poker, roulette, blackjack or pokies, you are almost certain to find it offered at any online casino under the sun.


You may think all online casinos are the same where accessibility is concerned, since they are all online, and visited via a phone or computer. But it is how easily and smoothly you can find what you are looking for that really matters. Does it take five minutes of fumbling around to arrive at the poker tables? Is there any confusion as to what the minimum or maximum bets are at each table? The best online casinos will have you where you want to be in seconds, with clearly visible navigation options, and a strong focus on ease of use. If you find yourself frustrated or confused, there is probably a better-designed online casino available. Also, it is important to keep in mind that a online casino may not be hosted locally, which can greatly affect performance.


User Friendly Controls

These days, online casinos have to be concerned with the fact that a user may access the website from a phone with a touch screen, a laptop with touch pad, or computer with keyboard and mouse. The rules of navigation for each device are different, and so steps must be taken to ensure each option offers a smooth, user-friendly experience. A modern smart phone does not have buttons, and although a touch screen can allow for extremely efficient interaction, the same advantage can land up being a burden, if the online casino is not designed carefully. For most users, deciding on the best online casinos often means finding the one that works best with their chosen platform.

Platforms Offered

Do you prefer Android over Apple, or vice versa? Not every online casino offers access for both, and you certainly don’t want to land up creating an account on your laptop, only to find the account is not accessible by your phone. Be certain to double-check which online casinos support which platforms. Although, it need not be said, the best online casinos should certainly support all platforms. Whichever casino you decide on, be sure to explore the options. It is not necessary to stick with a casino you do not enjoy, simply because you have created an account there. The options are numerous, and which works best for you is just a matter of exploring and testing.