There can be no doubt as to the theme for Pirates Paradise online slots from NeoGames, thanks to the informative title for the game and the fact that the background is made up of an enormous pile of treasure and jewels, presumably looted from various hapless victims sailing the seven seas. Play unfolds during a time period when some of the greatest pirates in history plundered the oceans, with pirates living lives of swashbuckling debauchery at the expense of those foolish enough to cross their paths.

Theme for Pirates Paradise Online Slots

The background for Pirates Paradise online slots is a very well-presented one, looking like it was inspired by an actual photo. The symbols in use reflect the most commonly-associated imagery for this lifestyle, and include parrots; treasure maps; cutlasses; a captain’s hat and more. The scenery is set for a sunny day, and the use of bright yellows and blues lend the slots a very upbeat energy, contrasting heavily with the plainer appearance of standard slots offerings.

In the manner that has come to be expected from NeoGames, the game’s interface is a clean, organised one and players are able to very quickly get into the action the casino game presents. Pirates Paradise has been excellently optimised for a number of different platforms as well, and even players with older computers will be able to run the game easily.

Technical Aspects of Pirates Paradise

Pirates Paradise has a traditional 3×1 reel format, and there are no wilds; scatters or additional winlines available, which means that gameplay is very straightforward and even slots players of minimal experience will quickly be able to start reaping the rewards on offer. The paytable is located above the reels, and players are able to very easily view the various combinations and the prizes attached to them during the game.

The buttons situated below the reels allow players to adjust the denominations of the coins they wish to make use of, with a range of between 0.1 and 10; the number of coins they wish to wager with, up to a maximum of three; and a maximum bet option and spin button provided. The bottom right-hand side of the screen allows players to activate the autospin option if they wish to.

The payouts available for Pirates Paradise more than make up for the lack of bonus features and non-progressive jackpot, and the famous NeoGames 10 000 jackpot is provided –available to lucky players with a bet of just one coin. Should players bet the full ten coins, this total jumps up to 100 000.

NeoGames is a well-designed, simple slots game developer, and Pirates Paradise is a solid example of the types of video slots they have become so popular thanks to. The high rate of payouts combines with simple, enjoyable gameplay means that the game is able to provide entertainment for a wide range of slots fans, from the more casual players to those who pride themselves on more frequent interaction with these real money casino game offerings.