Android is an operating system that is run by the Google powerhouse. It is the only operating system that is of real competition to Apple, offering similar features with regards to resolution, graphics, ease of use, and quality of experience.

Nonetheless, the fundamental principles of Android are decidedly different. While Apple runs on a closed-source system, ensuring that iOS will only run on i-products such as the iPhone or iPad and that all applications are subject to Apple pre-approval, Android is open-source, allowing the operating system to be used on a large variety of devices and by a large number of developers.

This open-source nature gives Android a wide field of influence. It has been absorbed by both the smart phone and tablet market, and is the go-to operating system of choice of numerous hardware manufacturers. As the code is open source and applications do not require pre-approval, software developers are also able to write Android applications and upload these at a faster rate than iOS applications. This enables new features and new developments to appear more quickly, as well as widening the realm of ideas.

The Android Casino

While the first online casino applications were developed for the iPhone, Android is fast becoming more popular and hundreds of casino applications exist. These Android casinos can simply be downloaded or played in the browser, and offer the same benefits as other mobile casinos, such as allowing portable and instant playing as long as there is an internet connection.

However, given the open source nature of Android, it is more likely for glitches within the Android casino sites and applications to occur. For example, since the Android operating system is designed to run on different devices, the mobile casino application not only has to be compatible with the operating system but also with the specific device in question. A casino or game may look and work slightly differently on one device than it will on another. In addition, the lack of pre-approval for applications means that functional and security issues are more likely to creep up. The functionality of an application cannot be guaranteed, and this may cause users to come across an application that is not of standard.

Android Slots Online

Start Playing on your Android Mobile

Luckily, these situations can be tested, and avoided, by using the free spins Android casinos offer. Free spins are opportunities for players to enjoy slot games either risk-free while testing the site or as an extra casino bonus once they have already signed up to the site, as a welcome bonus or as part of a promotional or loyalty reward.

When testing a new online casino site or application, the Android user can simply make us of the free spins to test the compatibility of the game with the specific Android device he is using, and make sure that the game itself is of a quality suitable to the player’s wishes. In this way, the Android casino allows its players to be completely satisfied with the application before opening up an account, ensuring that the Android user is always a happy player.