For those who were not teenage or preteen boys in Britain in the 1990’s and 1980’s, Viz was a rather rude comic that could be bought at any corner shop. Full of rude jokes, many of them involving farts and sex, Viz thrilled small boys and caused them to snigger quietly into their hands for years. Viz the slot is based on said comic, and has the same kind of humour combined with the characters that will be familiar to anyone who has read the comic. Viz the slot has twenty paylines which can all be played at the same time, or any number up to twenty depending on your preference.

Comical Graphics

Viz is a comic book, so Viz the slot obviously takes after it in terms of graphics. All the graphics in Viz the slot are cartoon style, as was found in the original book. The colours are very bright, and there are loads of cartoon characters populating not only the reels but the background as well. Everything is sharp edged with good borders which make the slot very striking. The sound track is also suitably humorous and theme based, with lots of fart noises and other sounds that will send the twelve year old boy in you into peals of laughter.

Twelve Year Old Boy Humour

The whole slot has a sense of humour that will definitely appeal to a twelve year old boy. If you are not into fart jokes and naming people rude things, then Viz the slot is not for you. The base symbols are a tad disappointingly taken from a deck of poker cards, which doesn’t have much to do with the theme at all. They are however bright and set at a jaunty angle which fits in with the feel. Next up are characters from the comic itself. Two Fat Slags, Suicide Sid and Terry Fuckwit can all be found gracing the reels along with a number of special symbols.

Viz Internet Casino Slot

Roger Mellie Free Spins

Roger Mellie, the Guy on Telly is a bonus symbol that will launch a Deal or no Deal style bonus game. You get to choose a TV which contains a mystery free spin amount. The other TV’s are then removed to reveal the other free spins amounts. A set of scantily clad ladies will then offer you the choice of taking their free spins, or keeping your own. There is the potential to win 200 free spins during this feature.

Sexpot Jackpot

As opposite to the setting in a lot of other slots at, the progressive jackpot in Viz can only be won during the free spins round. Finding five Sid icons on the reels will grant you this award, but only if you are playing with a value of at least 1 currency denomination per spin. This jackpot does not get reset to zero once it is won either; it has a minimum amount which means that it is always worth winning.

Usual Suspects Bonus

This game is a little Pick Me which is triggered by three or more usual Suspects icons. Each character in the line is holding a card with a multiplier on it.

Wheel of Fortune

Three or more Fartpants icons on your reels will launch a wheel of fortune style game. Each icon found gets a wheel that will spin to award you with a multiplier. Each wheel is then added to the previous one to create a final multiplier which is added to your amount stacked.