Although the odds in a casino always favour the house, some games allow a player with skill to trim that advantage. Blackjack is the most famous: if it’s played with a manually shuffled shoe containing five to seven decks, a player who can count cards can shift the odds marginally in their favour.

Craps and Baccarat call for some skill in the betting, rather than allowing different playing options. But learning those betting intricacies, such as when it pays to back the shooter or player and when to back the house instead, are the skills that take practice.

Poker calls for two sets of skills: mathematics is the first, to work out the odds of different combinations being in the other hands, depending on the cards you can see. Psychology is the other: learning to read when other players have strong hands, and when they are bluffing, from physical and verbal cues.

However, some folks prefer to trust to blind luck when gambling, having either no time or no inclination to learn betting skills. If you are making small wagers and sticking to an affordable bankroll every time you play, it doesn’t make too much difference in the long run whether you wager with ferocious strategy, or purely at the whim of Dame Fortune.

Here are three casino games you can leave entirely to luck:


Slots come in all shapes and sizes, and they are by far the biggest attraction at online casinos. They are generally cheap enough to play multiple lines at maximum credits, so when you do hit wins, you win the maximum. They offer a huge variety of games, from simple, retro, 3-reel fruit-machine titles to multi-payline extravaganzas offering hundreds of ways to win and several in-game bonus features, with dozens of variants in between the two extremes.

Slots can be fun to play, and their return-to-player percentages of 92% to 97% mean you should generally strike some modest wins if you play them at low stakes for long enough. However, apart from deciding what to bet per spin and how many auto-spins to set, no input or skill is required; you just need to get lucky.

Given the size of some jackpots, though, players who get lucky may get very lucky indeed, and that’s what makes slots such a big hit.


It’s true that Roulette is best played with a betting system, such as “Red and Middle Column”, which covers more than half the wheel per spin. These combination betting techniques reduce your chances of an outright loss, while offering potential windfalls whenever several come off at once.

But these bets are not exactly skills, and Roulette results are random luck; once you learn betting combos by rote, you can play Roulette at low stakes for ages while paying more attention to socialising than your wagers.

Bingo Game


British or American, Bingo is a cinch to play at online casinos. Buy cards at random, and you don’t even have to mark them yourself: online games have a feature that does that for you, while the balls are drawn by RNG. And if by pure luck you get a winning pattern… well, bingo! Even, you can also try out Bingo in Australia with bonus offers.