Gladiator slot, which is a progressive jackpot slot game, is one of Playtech’s most popular slots to date. This roman themed slot has seen by many as Playtech’s flagship slot since its release because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from players on its very generous progressive jackpot kitty. Add to the jackpot the fact that players can enjoy the graphics that Playtech has become famous for and rock solid gameplay and it’s quite easy to see why Gladiator slot is ranked so highly. Players will also be interested to know that Playtech’s Gladiator slot pays out record progressive jackpot. This will be discussed later in the article.

The graphics on Gladiator slot have a special impact because Playtech acquired the rights to use clips from the movie of the same name starring Russell Crowe right on the slot reels. Released in two thousand, this movie was a historical drama which was directed by Ridley Scott. In the movie, the character Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed when the overly ambitious son of the current Roman Emperor kills his father and takes the throne for himself.  Maximus then works his way through the dangerous and gruesome ranks of the Roman gladiatorial games in order to take revenge on the people who murdered his family as well as the emperor.

In recent times, slots based on movies are becoming ever more popular. Given the fact that Gladiator was one of the highest rated movies of two thousand and the overall success of its launch, it’s quite safe to say that Gladiator slot by Playtech will continue to grow in popularity. This is especially true considering Playtech’s Gladiator slot pays out record progressive jackpot.

Playtech’s Gladiator Slot Pays Out Record Progressive Jackpot

Players of the best pokies interested in hearing how Playtech’s Gladiator slot pays out record progressive jackpot have come to the right place because the details are as follows. The lucky player that Playtech’s Gladiator slot pays out record progressive jackpot for brought home a whopping two point three seven million euros off of one spin of the reels.

Playtech Gladiator Slot Online

The amount was so large because Gladiator slot games, no matter the casino, are tied to the same progressive jackpot. That means that no matter where one chooses to play, they are able to play for the same big pot. This massive jackpot is available to players during the Gladiator Jackpot Bonus. The player is presented with the chance to pick nine prizes. If the player picks and all of the prizes are gold gladiator helmets, they will be the winner of the progressive jackpot.

Playtech Weighs In

The Head of Casino Entertainment, Amir Askarov said, “I congratulate the lucky player on this astonishing jackpot win on Gladiator Jackpot. Playtech is honoured to offer players prizes on this scale through our highly valued licensee, Winner Casino.”

He went on to say, “We take pride in the strong content and features of our slots and jackpots and are delighted to continually offer our players the opportunity to win huge prizes through our expanding games portfolio.”