Online gaming has become extremely popular in Canada and with the development of new games all the time this pastime has taken off in a big way.  An online casino can be described as an online version of a land based casino which offers the same great gaming experience, but without travelling long distances to play.  One of the greatest advantages of playing online is a new no deposit casino bonus which is only offered to players who play their casino games online.

These casino bonuses are what internet casinos use as their marketing tool to attract new customers. The amount of online casinos in Canada is growing every day and these new casinos will make use of a new no deposit casino bonus to attract players.

Most Popular Online Casino Bonus

The most popular bonus in the online gaming world is a new no deposit bonus and players can take advantage of this bonus without depositing any real money.   A new no deposit casino bonus may not necessarily be in the form of cash, but may be a non-cashable bonus.  There are two kinds of non-cashable bonuses, a sticky bonus or a phantom bonus.  Both of these will be added to the players balance but they will not be able to withdraw it.  The phantom bonus will disappear when a player withdraws the money, but the sticky bonus will remain in the players balance until it is lost.

How No Deposit Bonuses Work

A new no deposit casino bonus is also known as a free play bonus or a free spins bonus and players should make a point of reading the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses as it will vary depending on which online casino is offering the reward.

An example of a new no deposit casino bonus is if a player signs up at an online casino for the first time and the casino offers a no deposit bonus of $500 and the terms and conditions say that players must place 100 bets in an hour.   The player decides to take up the offer and bets $5 on each spin.  Players can enjoy the game without having to worry about losing their own cash and in the process get the opportunity to try out a new game or a new online casino.

Online casinos in Canada offer a range of games that feature a new no deposit casino bonus which gives players the opportunity to try out new games before having to make a real money deposit.

Is it Really for Free

The big question of course, is it really free?  Bonuses will allow players to try out a new game.  The casino will use this no deposit to get players to try out the game with the intention of getting them to sign up and bet real money using this method or other.

Most of the online casinos in Canada will usually allow players to keep the money they have made when playing for free but most of the time the casinos will attach stipulations.  They may attach a time limit, often 1 hour, to the new no deposit casino bonus that will restrict players to a certain time.  The casino may also set a certain number of bets that must be placed to qualify to keep the money or the winnings from the free money.