Roulette stands among the most popular classic casino games of all time. In both physical and online casinos, a large portion of gamblers both new and experienced will head straight for the roulette table, and it remains one of the most played games that casinos offer. While the roulette table has a long and colourful history, the game truly exploded in popularity once it had become digitized and available to everyone across the world thanks to the power of the internet.

One of the many reasons roulette has become so beloved is thanks partly to the betting system. There are dozens of different bets that one can take out on a roulette table, and they range from extremely simple to incredibly complicated. Add to this the fact that multiple bets can be made at once, as well as various strategies that have been developed, and it is little wonder why so many flock to the roulette table every day.

Types of Roulette Bets

Due to the number of bets available on a roulette table, it is often considered one of the most difficult casino games to master. There are a number of classic bets that most players will be able to learn easily enough, and most of these bets can be found throughout any online roulette game.


Red and black bets are as simple as they come, and only requires that the player take out a bet on either black or red landing at the end of a wheel spin. Almost all red and black bets are considered even money bets, also known as 1:1, but because the odds of landing either red or black is less than 50/50, the house almost always has the advantage.


Similar to red and black bets, this is when a player wagers on whether an even or odd number will land. While also an even money bet, the house still holds the advantage.


With a low/high bet, the player is offered to sets of numbers, with the low being between 1-18, and the high being between 19-36. The player bets on the ball landing somewhere in these two ranges; a high or a low. Like the first two, this is a 1:1 even money bet.


One of the more complicated bets; the wager is taken out on a number being within one of the three columns of twelve. The bet ratio for this is 2:1, meaning if the player wins, they receive double of whatever they bet.


This works the same as the columns bet, but in a different order. Like the columns bet, this also has a payout of 2:1.

Straight Up

A risky bet that comes with a huge payout ratio of 35:1; the player simply needs to bet one a number and hope the ball lands on that number. If it lands on that number, the player wins, if it doesn’t the player loses.

Many Other Roulette Bets

These are just some of the classic bets available in roulette, but there are dozens upon dozens of others, with many of them becoming more risky and more complicated, but also with high payouts.